6 Speedy Confidence Boosters

From time to time, we need speedy confidence boosters to perk us up quick. There are times wherein we just do not have enough time to actually think hard and long for an effective perk-me-up. So, I have here 10 instant self confidence boosting tips .

Put out that smile

A smile is a simple thing to do, yet, it has a positive impact on your psychological, physical and emotional state. Smiling is more than simply a facial gesture. Other than the fact that smiling improves facial circulation, it also promotes the release of chemicals called endorphins which gives an overall sense of happiness. Studies have also revealed that people tend to perceive somebody as confident when he or she smiles.

Learn to receive compliments.

When someone praises you or what you do, accept the compliment and say “thank you”. Avoid negating or deflecting the compliment. When you accept compiments, you are like unintentionally affirming your positive traits and accepting the person that you are. Not accepting compliments can make you believe that there is nothing good about you.

Expand your knowledge

Knowledge is another key component to self confidence. Whether you’re a specialist in a certain field or if you enjoy learning about all types of things, always seek to learn more. A lot of people even find the mere act of having a sensible chat with a friend or co-worker can be a self-confidence booster. It is always a good feeling to know you’ve learned something new.

Adopt good posture

Your posture says so much about your self esteem. You want to let your superiors and work colleagues know that you are confident in your abilities and that they should put their full confidence in you to perform any task. Be aware of your posture. Keep reminding yourself to stand, walk and sit straight always.


Aside from the usual effects of meditation that we know of, like promoting relaxation; it is also able to increase your confidence. Before you can actually feel great about yourself, your brain and body needs to be totally free of tension; and that is just what meditation does. Without any form of worry or anxiety, you can start a spiritual connection with your internal self which is often clouded by impressions from the external world. By doing meditation, you can alter your perception of things and of yourself to realize what is really valuable.

Always believe in yourself.

Avoid belittling yourself in anything that you do. Paying attention to the positive makes you feel great. If you look at the things in your life that are positive, then you will feel grateful and happier. Besides, when you place importance on the positive, you also start drawing more positive events, people and things to your life.

In order for you to find success in life, you need to have the right level of self confidence. With a healthy level of self confidence, you are guaranteed to take on any obstacle that life throws your way. You are also likely to have better relationships as the people around you will feel that you are trustworthy.

I sincerely hope that the above mentioned ideas for building self confidence will pave the way for your success.

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